Elkjøp re-organizes for digital development to meet international entrances

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Elkjøp Group expects more international competition on the Scandinavian markets.

Soon there will be 15-20 people in a new department working with the digital offer.

”This is where our 100 million investment will go, not really for a test store”, Filip Elverhøy, Nordic e-commerce director tells ScandinavianRetail.com.

Elkjøp is the market leader in consumer electronics on all Scandinavian Markets.

The re-organization that Filip Elverhøy is a part of, recruited from Net on Net, is not only to keep the distance to Nordic competitors. It’s more of a preparation to meet big international players that target Scandinavia.

“I do not really want to name who might come to Scandinavia, it could be Amazon, Ali Baba or someone else. It’s actually changing”, Filip Elverhøy says.

”But these are the players we will benchmark against. Not the local competition.”

Recently the 100 million NOK investment was revealed in Norwegain papers, especially targeting a test store in Norway to try out all new features. But most of the investment will land in the new department created for digital development Elkjøp is setting up.

”It’s better to keep the digital part separate from the store”, Filip Elverhøy says.

”But we have come quite a long way with the new department.”

He describes the new strategy as a lot of small steps to be introduced.

”That is a difference from previous strategies. Then we will see how we introduce them. A small feature on the website is easy to introduce on all markets at the same time. Innovations will be tested more local.”