50 Expert merchants take former CEO to court

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50 former Expert merchants has filed a lawsuit against the former CEO of Expert Finland Oy, Kari Karipuu, of 15 million EUR at the Vantaa District Court for losing the Expert-brand to Norwegian Expert ASA.
Expert merchants believe that Karipuu favored certain merchants towards the parallel Expert chain in Finland.
“I’m not guilty of anything. As CEO I just the carried out decisions taken by the Board of Directors and the Annual General Meeting “, says Kari Karipuu.

During the autumn 2014, the Expert chain in Finland broke into pieces. One expert actor, Expert Finland Oy, lost the right to use the Expert concept and the stores that did not want to be in Expert ASA Oy instead formed the chain Veikon Kone, a previously dropped chain store brand of TeliaSonera.

But the merchant cooperative of Expert dealers that Expert Finland Oy consisted of, now goes to counterattack against its former CEO. According to a lawsuit at Vantaa District Court they make a class action and require a multimillion compensation for losses and expenses.
According to the lawsuit has Karipuu during 2011-2014 favored certain merchants in Expert. The merchant cooperative believes that Karipuu has transferred the merchant cooperative and Expert Finland’s tasks and lobbying in violation of the Companies Act.

Kari Karipuu is critical to the merchants for bringing their case to court anonymously instead of each one standing behind it with their name.
“It would be more straightforward of the merchants to bring the unfinished case public in their own names.”
“In my opinion, none of the retailer has suffered any injury. I have not even seen any of the merchant’s personalized calculation of the damages suffered, but they have given the cooperative the right to run this action,” Karipuu wonders.

He says he was surprised by the action taken, Which he was informed of in December and replied to through a lawyer. According to Karipuu no former merchants has made any attempt to negotiate with him, and no one has presented him with any demands or requirements.

Kari Karipuu tells several Finnish news sources he considers the action as completely unfounded. He, as one person hasn’t harmed any merchant.

“All the measures taken were based on the General Meeting and the General Meeting’s decisions,” says Karipuu.

He notes that the required amount is equivalent to ten years’ total earnings from the 50 merchants.