8 % more visitors at Danica shopping centers

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Customer flow and sales figures grow att DEAS managed centers.

A new annual statement from the property management company showed an increase in turnover of 4 percent and the customer base of 8 percent. in 2015.

The growth is in clothing and specialty goods, both of which have shown an increase of 6 percent. Groceries sales are at the same level as the year before.

DEAS that operates and develops a portfolio of 18 centers which is over 20 percent of the Danish market for shopping centers. The portfolio includes Lyngby Shopping Center, Frederiksberg Centre, Kolding Shopping Center and City2 in Taastrup.

For 2016 a food court project at Store Torv i Lyngby Storcenter  is scheduled to open in spring and the plans for a major expansion project in Amagercentret with 20-30 new stores is launched..