947 million operating profit for Elkjøp Nordic

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Elkjøp Group is growing – with the Swedish branch of Phonehouse added to the family, Elkjøp Nordic set a new sales record in 2014/2015.

Sales increased by two billion NOK, reaching 29.8 billion with an operating profit of 947 million NOK.

But also the customer satisfaction is reaching new levels.

”Without customers who likes us it is impossible to run a business,” says CEO of Elkjøp Nordic, Jaan Ivar Semlitsch.

The last year was characterized by investments and tough competition, especially the merger between owner Dixons and Carphone Warehouse to Dixons Carphone had the effect that the Swedish Phonehouse chain was added to Elgiganten and Elkjøp Express is converted to the new Elgiganten/Elkjøp Phonehouseconcept.

For the previous fiscal year 2013/2014, the Group had revenues of 27.8 billion and an operating profit of 992 million. The Phone House chain was not part of Elkjøp Nordic Group in large parts of the financial year 2013/2014 and the operating profit did not include costs related to Phone House chain or overheads of the parent company in the UK.

”Over the past 12 months we have made significant investments to make the shopping experience for customer better and easier, and in a landscape where the competition is tougher than ever, we have also kept a strong focus on low prices,” says CEO of Elkjøp Nordic, Jaan Ivar Semlitsch.

Semlitsch believes Elkjøp reputation growth in all the Group’s markets in the Nordic region and the customer satisfaction measurement Happy or Not showing that 90 percent of customers are satisfied when they leave the chain’s stores after trading. are much of the reason for the new trading record.

”Without customers who likes us it is impossible to run a business, and as the market leader, we have a clear goal to strengthen both our own and the industry’s reputation. The products we sell increases the complexity and thus people need more help and better service. Many customers leave much money with us, and we work hard every day to improve the customer experience and to enhance confidence in the brand Elkjøp. This has resulted in a considerable reputation boost for us in Scandinavia,” says Jaan Ivar Semlitsch.

Focus areas for the coming fiscal year will be further education of the chain store employees to raise general customer satisfaction even more and further development of the Group’s online stores.

”We will have the best solutions to deliver the goods quickly and easily. The goal is that our customers next year will be even more pleased with Elkjøp than they are today,” says Semlitsch.