A third of all online purchases now made on mobile devices

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Statistics from payments provider Klarna shows that the number of purchases from mobiles has increased from 10 percent to 20 percent since last fall. This is pure mobile shopping, which means the percentage of mobile purchases increased to over a third.
The figures are based on 1.2 million online purchases in Sweden during the period from October 2013 to July 2014.
In one of the largest e-commerce businesses are mobile purchases a fifth of the shops.
”We see that the mobile phone is becoming more important. And then to have a strategy for how to meet the client in the mobile becomes very important”, says retail expert Jonas Arnberg to TT.
But Jonas Arnberg says e-commerce is far from finished when it comes to the mobile adaptation.
”It may be that the goods hav to be presented in a completely different way on mobile phones. Because you don’t bother to click as much on mobile as on the computer. I think you have something to think about there”, says Jonas Arnberg.
who think it is way too early to talk about a breakthrough for the mobile e-commerce.”
”You can not just put all strength on mobile commerce. It may be better to see the cell phone as part of a digital strategy that brings customers to the physical store or to the computer, he says.