Aberdeen to manage 10 billion Danica portfolio

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Aberdeen Asset Management in Denmark takes over the management of 107 properties in Danica Pension’s real estate portfolio, with a value of approximately 10 billion DKK  as of 1 February in 2016.

Danica Pension owns one of the largest real estate portfolios in Denmark, with a value of 25 billion DKK. Danica Pension will also complete development projects for a further 3-4 billionDKK  to be included in the managed portfolio when they are finished. The partnership means that Aberdeen is meant to optimize portfolio value through active management, with the intention of creating the best possible return for Danica Pension’s customers.
“We are very pleased and proud to use our core competencies to pursue active management of property assets to create good returns for Danica Pension. We look forward to becoming Danica Pension’s extended arm and jointly create value in the property portfolio,” Tonny Nielsen, CEO of Aberdeen Asset Management in Denmark, commented.

Aberdeen takes over the portfolio at February 1, 2016, and at the same time Danica Pension’s employees start working for Aberdeen. Danica Pension’s current provider will continue to provide management and leasing.

Aberdeen Asset Management in Denmark will through this mandate manage property assets totaling DKK 23.5 billion.