After PinPoint-success – Dixons Carphone says Nordic staff will be equipped with tablets

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Dixons Carphone, who owns the Elkjøp Group, has equipped its UK staff with 5,000 tablets with a self developed all-in-one solution called PinPoint in the store.

This has boosted the conversion rate and improved the interaction with customers dramatically.

The PinPoint will now be introduced to retailers outside UK.

Listening to Dixons Carphone’s executives is quite often what you will hear from the Nordic branch within a year. Ideas are travelling over the North Sea in both directions, but the larger programs tends to start and first be communicated in the UK, such as the new customer service program.

On Tuesday, Andrew Harrison, deputy group CEO at Dixons Carphone, talked about the digital efforts the consumer electronic giant had, such as 41% of the customers were using their mobile devices inside Dixons Carphone’s stores to compare prices.

He wanted to move the stores away from the “old fashioned” model.

Key to the change has been the introduction of 5,000 tablets into the hands of employees. Andrew Harrison says it has had a “quite staggering effect” with increased conversion, improved interaction with customers, and a consistent delivery of service that has driven up the NPS (Net Promoter Score), writes Essential Retail from the RBTE Expo.

The devices – called PinPoint in the business – enable real-life, real-time communications with customers involving a broad array of data, pulled together from various sources.

“Most of the information is available freely elsewhere but we’ve pulled it all together and this helps us show that we are the cheapest and that there is no need for the customer to go elsewhere,” said Harrison.

One of the challenges of creating a ‘digital workforce’ was to actually get the PinPoint solution built – by “getting it on the IT roadmap”.

“We did it outside of IT and built it on top. We can’t become slaves to the IT roadmap and not let the stores evolve.”

Essential Retail writes the PinPoint solution has improved the efficiency of the staff interaction with customers.

“The time spent with customers is of so much more value. By controlling the sales process we’ve scientifically shortened it,” said Andrew Harrison

Harrison also said it is now being deployed to other retailers around the world.

“We believe it is a real advantage. It’s successful because it has been built by a retailer for a retailer. It took us from a tech-free zone in our stores to being a retailer working with technology in real-time,” he said.