Alcohol-stop at Ikea-restaurants

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Ikea stops serving beer and wine in all Swedish restaurants.

”We have simply listened to our customers”, says Anna Pilkrona Godden, press officer for Ikea in Sweden.

Beer and wine have been offered over the past ten years to visitors at Ikea. Most 19 department stores in the country have been serving alcohol, but the customer demand has been low.

Anna Pilkrona Godden tells Drugnews and Expressen there has not been a single incident or a problem with alcohol serving behind the decision to let the department store chain cafeterias become alcohol-free.

The alcohol beverages will be phased out starting in August, but it will also be healthier in the rest of the range at the restaurants.

”There will be less salt and sugar and more vegetables, such as veggie meatballs that we begin to be served ahead. People think increasingly healthy when they eat and drink, and we listen to them, ”says Anna Pilkrona Godden.

Ikea has not taken any decision taken about alcohol serving in other countries.