Apotek Hjärtat skips the Ica sign at City Gross

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When Apotek Hjärtat will supplement the ICA in the sign, eight pharmacies located in competitor City Gross stores are excluded.
“We will not change the signs on them,” says Ola Fernvall, Ica.

Ica’s own pharmacy chain Cura will disappear as a brand after the merger with Apotek Hjärtat – instead, all pharmacies will be renamed to Apotek Hjärtat Ica.
For the existing Apotek Hjärtat stores it does not mean much more than changing the sign on the store, which will occur in a second phase with the start of next year. In the first phase, the Cura pharmacies are rebranded.
But 2010, Apotek Hjärtat and food chain Citygross launched a cooperation agreement which so far has resulted in eight pharmacies adjacent to City Gross.ICA Apotek Hja¨rtat Logotyp (Skiss)

This would mean that Citygross next year, would have pharmacies with  Ica signs.

But Ola Fernvall, communication officer at Ica Group, says Ica has now decided that no pharmacies in connection to other supermarket chains than Ica  will change its sign.

Has this decision been taken after contact with Citygross?

“I can not answer that.”