Apple offers free repairs on older Macbooks

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Apple launches a repair program to fix Macbook Pro’s that has run out of warranties without charging them.

The company will also compensate owners who has already paid to repair issues.

The computer models affected are 15- and 17-inch Macbook Pros made during 2011 and 15-inch Retina-models from 2012 and 2013 that has for a long time had a known problem with distorted video, loss of video or unexpected restarts. The issue has been reported for a long time and been discussed in Apple’s support forums.

Apple has been charging for the repair, sometimes multiple times. But now the company says it will contact these users and offer the possibility of compensation.

The repair program starts in USA this week and 27 February for the rest of the world.

Users can check their status on a checkpage on Apple’s website