Arlanda faces new large shopping expansion

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Stockholm Arlanda airport is facing a large expansion in several stages.
Existing terminals will be expanded to meet the growing number of travelers and increase capacity, according to operator Swedavia.
Swedavia is also working on plans for a new airport city with office and commercial spaces.
Arlanda is expected to grow from today’s 21 million passengers annually to nearly 35 million passengers in 2035. Today’s 16,000 employees are expected to grow to around 50 000 employees in twenty years.
The planned investments are estimated at 13 billion during the next 30 years .
A central part of the expansion is the expansion and terminal 5, which has the largest increase in travelers.
”With this extension, we can support the growth in Stockholm. In the future you will look on the airport as a city, not an airport. It will be a living city even at night, says Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director”, to SvD.
To Market the press officer Klas Nilsson says the goal is new stores in 2017-2018.
”Exactly how big the shopping areas will be remains to be seen, but with a brand new pier the opportunities to strengthen the commercial offering will increase.”
”It’s about half shopping and half cafes and restaurants. But without saying too much, we will of course look carefully at the types of activities that travelers demand.”
Klas Nilsson also opens for groceries as the Arlanda city rises.