Axfood move operations from Örebro

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Axfood has made a directional decision to move certain operations from Örebro to Jordbro and Göteborg, the company announces today.

Product supply and store support will change locations. 33 employees are affected.

Product supply for Axfood Snabbgross will be relocated from Örebro to Jordbro in Haninge municipality south of Stockholm and to Backa in Gothenburg.

Parallel with this, store support for Axfood Snabbgross will be moved from Örebro to Jönköping and Backa.

Operations in Örebro will be focused entirely on convenience retailing, which will enable the optimization of operations for customers in this segment. The change will lead to better efficiency for Axfood Snabbgross’s product supply, as it will be handled from the same warehouses that supply Axfood’s other chains.

33 positions in Örebro will be affected by the change. The affected employees will be offered employment at the new locations. In addition, some natural attrition may occur.

Local union negotiations have been initiated, says the statement.