Axfood to introduce deposit on juice bottles

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Axfood will be the first in Sweden to introduce a deposit on juice bottles.

”We are the first to do this on a voluntary basis. Increased pledge is good for both the climate as to reduce littering,” says Åsa Domeij, Head of Environment and Social Responsibility at Axfood.

Today it is a compulsory deposit on PET bottles and metal cans of ready to drink soda and beer. But not on bottles and cans with a content of, for example, concentrated juice, juice or milk products. Though as of September 2015 it will be possible to pledge four of the Axfood brand Premier’s liter bottles of concentrated juice. Not only in Axfood’s own store chains Willys and Hemköp, but in all chain’s deposit machines around Sweden. The deposit on juice bottles are 1 SEK.

Åsa Domeij sees deposit on juice bottles as a first step to a changed and wider vision regarding recycling.

”Of course I hope that the pledge is introduced on many more beverage containers in the future.”

Last year every Swedish pledged an average of 169 cans and PET bottles. In 90 percent of Swedish municipalities increased pledges compared to previous year, and totally 1.65 billion packs were recovered, according to Returpack.