Axfood to use Dagab-brand for all wholesale operations

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Axfood’s wholesale division, Axfood Sverige AB, changes name and lifts up Dagab to the front again, with a new logo.

”It feels really good that we finally have been able to land in a name that is already well-established and well-recognized in the industry, says Nicholas Pettersson, CEO of Dagab.

During 2014, Axfood’s logistics functions were co-ordinated and the entire Axfood’s wholesale sales were reported in Axfood Sverige. The old Dagab, the hub of the Group’s logistics flow, was a part of this.

But Axfood Sverige AB, has been mixed up with the Parent Company, Axfood AB, and says nothing about the actual activities.

Now, the whole wholesales function will get the name Dagab.

”With the new name Dagab we clarify our role in the group – as a joint organization for purchasing, product range, warehousing and transportation to Willys, Hemköp and Axfood other retail chains.” says Nicholas Pettersson.