Backstreet Boys good job as warehouse workers

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Backstreet Boys are a success as warehouse workers .

Consumer electronics chain NetOnNet recent advertising campaign has received much attention on Youtube, where the Backstreet Boys are singing their old hit Larger than life with changed title and chorus. Larger have become lager ( = warehouse in Swedish) .
The promotional video has today been viewed nearly 600 000 times.

“Real Backstreet Boys fans commented that this is the best music video the band has ever done ,” says Pernilla Berg , project manager at advertising agency Garbergs to

Pernilla Berg explains that the band was in the loop, especially since they have strong connections to Sweden since  so many of their hits are recorded in Sweden and have Swedish songwriters.

” A practical problem was to get them here  while they were on a European tour. ”

“In an industry characterized by price wars and sale , this is an entertaining way to get customers to think of us the next time they go shopping for consumer electronics ,” she says to