Bauhaus’ new strategy to be B2B market leader

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Bauhaus invests more to attract Nordic B2B-customers.

The aim of the new Swedish campaign is primarily to increase awareness of Bauhaus Corporate service. But Marketing Director Johan Saxne says the goal is to make Bauhaus market leader.

Bauhaus in Sweden has given Abby Norm & Priest PR the assignment to produce a new message platform for corporate business – and make the DIY chain to  market leader on the corporate side.

Last year announced Bauhaus in Denmark and Norway it would increase their efforts on the B2B side. During the past six months also Bauhaus Sweden invested in targeting corporate customers. Along with Abby Norm & Priest PR a completely new foundation has been added from platform to graphic profile.
The main target group of the Bauhaus corporate customers are small and medium enterprises which will be approached through simple and smart communications.

“Our business customers are an important target group for us and we felt it was time to show it even more clearly from Bauhaus side. We want this initiative to meet the great demand that exists among our corporate and market leadership,”says Johan Saxne, Marketing Director at Bauhaus Sweden.

The toolbox contains colors, fonts, logos, imagery, ad templates and much more. The toolbox is supported by a message platform which includes message hierarchy and tonality.
In combination with a graphical update Bauhaus has now received a complete platform for communication with their corporate customers, says a press release.