Beijer Bygg’s second half lifted operating profit

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Following the DT Group’s Nordic announcement, Swedish subsidiary Beijer Bygg reports strong financial results for the year ended 31 July 2015.

But new CEO Pierre Nyström aims for a twice as big turnover.

Beijer Bygg gains market shares in both the professional segment as the consumer with increased profitability. In fiscal year 2015 show Beijer Building a growth + 9 percent (comparable units, + 7.5%). During the second half of the year (1502-1507) Beijer grew faster than the market as a whole, with growth of + 13% and an increase in operating profit of 44% compared to the same period last year.


During the year, Pierre Nyström appointed new CEO of Beijer Building. he came to Beijer as sales manager in September 2013 and took over as CEO in March 2015.

“We are doing a very good results especially in the second half of the year as we do better than the market as a whole. It has been a hard job but above all, one can see that when there is high pressure in the industry Beijer wins on the economies of scale and our knowledgeable staff, “said Pierre Nyström, CEO.

Beijers total turnover was 5.20 billion SEK  (previous year 4.76 billion) with a 44 percent rise in the operating profit against the previous year.