Bilka opens e-commerce area in-store

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Dansk Supermarked turns up the omnichannel efforts.

Bilka Tilst opens the first digital shop inside the store, giving customers access to thousands of multiple items.

After a test period, it will be decided whether it should be rolled out in Denmark’s other 17 Bilka hypermarkets.



Bilka Tilst - Kundeområde i Bilka, hvor det er muligt at bestille varer på og få hjælp fra varehusets medarbejdere. Foto: Claus Sjödin  /

Bilka Tilst –  Customer area in Bilka, where you can order online – and get personal service.
Foto: Claus Sjödin /

Bilka Tilst is the first store in Denmark, where a special area is adapted to the new shopping experience. In the digital store are new iPads set up with direct access to, and staff are ready to advise customers about the items they can click the basket.

Right now there are over 20,000 items in Bilka shop, but according to Kenneth Nielsen, Director of E-Commerce & Digital at Danish Supermarket, Bilka is working to increase the range significantly during the autumn.

”Sales of non-food is one of Bilka’s greatest strengths. In the store we have perhaps space to exhibit five sofas. If the customers instead grabs the iPad out in the store, they suddenly have an opportunity to choose between 60 different beds. The digital store complements its already extensive range, and here we have the opportunity to offer customers an infinite number of products in each product group,” says Kenneth Nielsen.

Customers get personal service, and when they order, they can choose to have products delivered directly to their home address or via click and pick where goods can be picked up in the near Bilka, Føtex or Netto. In addition, the complaint and the right of return is still valid, as customers know it.

”The grocery store is known for its good customer service, and remain with it whether you shop online or in the store. For us it is important that customers retain the confidence and trust when shopping in the grocery store,” says Kenneth Nielsen.

Kenneth Nielsen makes parallels to the British retail chain Argos, who have established shops without goods, where everything is traded from a screen. In addition, the chain recently announced a collaboration with grocery giant Sainsbury’s planning to set up shops in Sainsbury’s physical stores. Just like the grocery store. According to Kenneth Nielsen, it helps to emphasize the trend he sees.

”It just means that we got the long end. This is the borderland, where we create synergy between the physical convenience stores and online, which gives customers a different shopping experience with access to an infinite number of products,” he says.