Biva – from bankruptcy to gazelle

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Danish furniture chain Biva, that was bankrupt two years ago, now has big ambitions.

Today, Tuesday, opens a new store in Fredericia .

Jesper Jørgensen and Rune Furbo bought the rights to the Biva brand after the furniture chain’s bankruptcy and re-launched it as an online store.

The first physical, store opened in Brøndby, the second in Fredericia today.

“The third store opens in July. I can not say where, but our plan is to be represented in Odense, Aalborg and Aarhus, ” says Jesper Jørgensen to Jyllands-Posten.

The financial statements for 2015 show a gross profit of 1.3 million DKK and a profit before tax of 140,000 DKK.


“We started with zero in the bank account and already have sales for tens of millions – without investors in the back,”

He expects to triple Biva’s revenue this year.


“If we can sustain the same growth time, we can come up with the top as Denmark’s largest furniture dealer online. My best sense is that we’re already there, if you look at e-commerce.”