Black Friday gave November huge sales growth for electronics

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Trade growth in consumer electronics stood almost still during August to October.
Then came Black Friday – and raised the growth rate of 17 percent for November.

November has, with the introduction of Black Friday, become an increasingly important sales month for Nordic retailers. Even during last year’s Christmas trading a certain surge in interest was noticed for the imported feast, especially in the electronics industry. New this year is that the actors in more industries than the electronics trade to a greater extent was involved with campaigns to attract consumers to buy.

”Previously we have seen that the electronic trade focused mainly on the days between Christmas and New Year for the sale period, but as the Black Friday phenomenon grows, we sense a shift, with anticipated spending. It remains to be seen how consumer behavior evolve in the longer term,” says Lena Larsson, CEO of HUI Research.

Black Friday made a sizeable impact. Buying interest for electronics increased by 17 percent compared with the same period last year, which is the strongest growth for November in three years.
The categories that grew the most during the month of November were game consoles, with an increase of 45 percent, but also consumer electronics which includes drones, media players, smart watches and cleaning robots included.
Any Black Friday effect, however, could not be listed for tablets that continue to reduce compared to the previous year.