Black Friday-start crashed Nordic online sites

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The Nordic Black Friday started in the darkest way for several participants – and consumers.

Many homepages of the consumer electronics stores could not handle the pressure. Visitors were met by a blank page or failure codes instead of campaign offers

Swedish Elgiganten was unavailable for several hours.

Black Friday is growing bigger than its capacity in the Nordics. The countdown to midnight became a disappointment to many online visitors as the sites could not handle that many visitors at the same time.

Some of the bigger consumer electronics sites as Dustin and Elkjøp/Elgiganten could not load pages – probably losing a lot of customers and sales when the campaign started. Even two hours after the campaign start at midnight the sites had serious problems, as we tried to browse.

”There were really a lot of sites down all over the Nordics, it looks as the infrastructure could not stand up to the traffic,” says Elgiganten communication officer Jessica Wallin to Expressen adding that the site was in full function again at 3 am.

Tabloid Aftonbladet also reports that lots of customers took screenshots of failing Black Friday pages and sent them. Even online sites with less visitors than the big players seem to have hard to handle increasing amounts of visitors.

Same thing happened in Denmark where had arranged a queue system online to be let inside the online store.

Lesson learned for next year maybe.