Bokus becomes part of Akademibokhandeln

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The Swedish Cooperative Union (KF) sells online bookstore Bokus to Akademibokhandeln.
KF has previously announced that it intends to focus on it’s core business in Coop, and thus divest a number of other activities.
Bokus now merged with Akademibokhandeln, in which KF is a partner, gives Akademibokhandeln a better position to for KF to eventually sell Akademibokhandeln .
”We have come to the conclusion that, from an overall perspective it is better to sell Bokus to Akademibokhandeln than to sell to a third party. We can see a number of synergies, including cost savings, which will drive the value of the company and thereby create an even better position to dispose Akademibokhandeln the long term, says Johnny Capor, temporary president and CEO of the KF and Chairman of Akademibokhandeln AB.
After the merger between Akademibokhandeln and Bokia, which took place a year ago, the bookstore chain is on its way towards the target profit – which was a key reason for the merger .
”Akademibokhandeln is on track, the company can take the next step and develop the customer offering, in which the combination of stores and online bookstore will play a major role”, continues Johnny Capor .
A binding agreement has been signed between the parties. The transaction is subject to competition authority’s approval.
Akademibokhandeln owned by KF Media AB (65%), Foundation Natur & Kultur (11%), Killbergs bokhandel (11%) and about 60 other owners ( 13%).