Borås’ mall Knallerian closes upper floor

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The mall Knallerian is becoming increasingly empty.
Now the property owner Diligentia closes a large part of the upper floor and gather all shops on the lower floor.
“We want a tenant that can take the whole upper floor”, says Centre director Peter Landqvist.

A large number of retail premises have been empty for a long time in Knallerian. This primarily applies to the upper floor, and especially the parts closest to the entrance, Borås Tidning reports.
Therefore, Diligentia has decided to move some of the stores to empty spaces on the lower floor.
The idea is to be able to release a combined floor space of at least 2 500 sqm for a single tenant. But Diligentia thinks it’s too early to speculate who might be interested.
“It’s hard to prepare for a larger player if we simultaneously have small shops scattered around the premises. We must choose this path, and we believe that a larger player would be a better recipe for success. But we are in an early stage”, says Bengt Forsberg, Marketing Manager at Diligentia, to the paper.