Bubbleroom to analyze moving patterns using camera surveillance

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Using the stores’ camera surveillance with software to analyze the customers moving patterns has become increasingly popular.

Now Bubbleroom has launched a pilot in its store in Kistagllerian.

”I don’t know how to use beacons,” says Bubbleroom-founder Svante Tegnér.

Mapping out how people move when visiting a store, in the same way as an online store, can be done in several ways. Using bluetooth and beacons or wi-fi have been hot techniques for this the past year. But they both need the customers to be actively connected through their phones. Only one system register all customers, the camera surveillance.

”We’re doing an experiment with Ninetech about this. The great benefit is to get it all in to Google Analytics,” says Svante Tegnér.

By dividing the store map in to a square system he wants to find out how different campaign areas in the store is working out. Cameras can also be used to observe and register a customers face when entering a store or standing in front of a campaign our marketing activity. The placement and height of different shelves, can for example be crucial for a product’s success or not.

And cross analyzing with wi-fi data or similar it is possible to know what the customer is looking for at a certain place or time in the store.

Bubbleroom that started as a e-commerce is now running physical stores – and the test will take place in Kistagallerian as long as it takes. Then other stores might follow.

Bubbleroom will mainly try out the system to find out moving patterns regarding their campaign activities.

”We’ve still got to learn about the differences between a physical store and e-commerce.” says Svante Tegnér.