Bunnpris: We might go with another partner than Rema

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Norway’s smallest, but fast growing, food chain, Bunnpris, is now considering breaking its cooperation with Rema.

”We have not entered into marriage with someone,” CEO Christian Lykke said.

Bunnpris, who grew significantly after buying 42 ICA-stores from Coop, suffers from losses while Norgesgruppen and Reitan Group earns billions on groceries. Last year was 37 million NOK in the wrong direction, as the transition of branches to franchise led to write-downs of 36 million.

According to Dagens Næringsliv, the Lykke-family considers changing partner when it comes to the supply chain and purchasing. Today’s partnership with Rema is up for renewal – or termination.

”We are without doubt the smallest player, and we only have opportunities along with a large alliance. Going alone is not a realistic option, says Bunnpris CEO Christian Lykke to Dagens Næringsliv.

He says it is a strength that Bunnpris themselves can decide which alliance it will collaborate with.