Byggmax forced to changes in tv-commercial

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To make a cross over female cashiers and leave only a male uncrossed is discriminating.

Finnish Advertising Ethics Council, operating under the Chamber of Commerce, has now given Byggmax a remark on the company’s TV advertising.

Now Byggmax makes emergency changes in their successful tv-campaign.


”Byggmax has listened to the feedback the company received from its customers and Advertising Ethics Council and is therefore launching a revised version of the advertising week 26.”

The advertising campaign also extended to the radio after midsummer.

”We are very sad that one of our three commercials has upset viewers. It has not been our intention. About twenty people have been in touch with our customer service in the case, and now we have also gained a note from the Advertising Ethics Council. We have listened to our customers and we will change the TV commercial based on the customer feedback we have received,” says Aleksi Virkkunen, Country Manager for Byggmax in Finland.

The remark regards the final part of an advertising from a three-part TV advertising series. In the final part draws over the the female checkout clerks and a male cashier is left remaining. In its statement, the Council considers that advertising is contrary to Article 4 of the ICC marketing rules and the second principle of the advertising ethics Council regulations for good marketing.

At the same time, the advertising campaign has increased Byggmax spontaneous advertising recall in Finland

”According to our own advertising tracking, Byggmax spontaneous advertising recall increased by twenty percentage points, which is a really good result,” says Aleksi Virkkunen.

”Good advertising is to arouse feelings in order to remember it, but it must of course not offend anyone. ” says Virkkunen and makes a forecast that Byggmax this summer will exhibit their best sales ever.