Byggmax opens in Tønsberg

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Press announcement
In Q3 2014 the Swedish Byggmax building supply chain is to open a store in Tönsberg, Norway. The chain’s drive-in concept has been a huge success in the Nordic countries and they are now seeking a store manager and four full-time employees for their store in Tönsberg.

“The Tönsberg area is a strategically important location for Byggmax in Norway. The site for our establishment in Tönsberg meets all our requirements. We are now starting to search for a store manager and four full-time employees,” says Byggmax’s Managing Director Magnus Agervald.
“We supply good quality building materials and our customers can also purchase all of our materials from Consequently, we believe that the flexibility we are offering is an advantage in the current market. It should be easy to shop with us, and our customers think that this is a major advantage,” says Mr. Agervald.
Byggmax sells building materials such as timber, flooring, plaster, cement, windows, doors and paint for both professional and hobby builders. Byggmax’s business concept involves offering customers quality at low prices, where the customers undertake some of the work themselves in order to keep the price down. In fact, Byggmax has a simple self-service concept whereby customers drive straight into the store and load their goods into their cars by themselves. This results in a reduced requirement for manning the store and the customers save money. Byggmax also buys materials in large quantities at favourable prices, which in turn benefits the chain’s customers.
In May 2012 Byggmax was nominated as the cheapest building supplies chain by TV2 hjelper deg. The survey was based on purchasing the materials needed to build a 20 m2 patio. The cost of purchasing these materials from Byggmax was NOK 4,211, while the same materials purchased from the most expensive competitor amounted to NOK 7,377, i.e. a price difference of more than NOK 3,000. Byggmax has also performed best in previous price comparisons. In a price test conducted in August 2011 by the Fedrelandsvennen newspaper, Byggmax emerged as the clear winner in a survey comparing the prices of four building supply chains.
“We are proud of the results of these surveys. We aim to always be the cheapest supplier of all the products that we sell and this is why we provide our customers with a price promise. If a customer purchases something from Byggmax and then finds the same product at a lower price at another local building supplier, we promise to pay the customer the difference plus 10% of the difference,” says Mr. Agervald.

The home improvement discounter chain Byggmax was launched in 1993 and currently has 70 stores in Sweden with net sales of approximately MSEK 3,200 in 2013 and is continuing to expand strongly. Byggmax also has 26 stores in Norway and 13 in Finland. From the very beginning, Byggmax’s business concept has been to be the best and most inexpensive alternative for consumers in need of high-quality construction materials. Byggmax has a drive-in system at all its stores, enabling customers to load their products into their vehicles directly. This makes life easy and efficient for customers, particularly when buying heavy construction materials.