C4 set to change the regional balance in Skåne

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Appeal dismissed.

The C4 Shopping project with 70,000 square meters of shopping in Kristianstad continues as planned.

“The interest in the project is severe,” says CEO Per Persson.

C4 Shopping has aroused much debate in Kristianstad, first from the retailers in the city centre who were concerned about a possible sales downturn.

But CEO Per Persson says that the protests have been quiet lately, especially after the zoning was adopted in the City Council.

Yesterday came a rash from Skåne County Administrative Board that an appeal from the property organisation Fastighetsägarna Syd would not be taken up for consideration. A decision that can be appealed again.

“Frankly, it has not affected our outlook at all when we saw who appealed, we realized that this was an organisation that had no right of appealing. And the decision from the County Administrative Board was very clear.”

Merchants in the city has not appealed at all – as Per Persson concludes that it’s all about strong regional interests.

“The problems in city centres are about other things, like services and the problem of getting in and out – and rents. And there is not space enough for all kinds of commercial activities ”

“This retail park in eastern Skåne has nothing equivalent here, while there are up to eight along the E6 on the west side, from Emporia in the south to Väla and Familia in the north. There is a need in this area and a lot of commuter traffic passing by”, Per Persson says.

Construction will begin next spring and the shopping centre will be completed in autumn 2016 at the venerable Hammarshus where the Danish king Christian IV gave Kristianstad its city rights – and now also the name of the shopping center.

The area consists of a retail park and a 36 500 square meters mall. In total there are 70,000 square meters of trading area with 80 stores and outlets planned. The estimated number of visits are five million.


So far, only the establishment of Citygross is official. No other tenants are announced – but construction will start next spring. Per Persson says that discussions on the detailed plan and the last appeal has not affected the interest from tenants.

“The interest is really severe. Everyone realizes that this is the place to be here. We will put the shovel in the ground this spring. We do not build on speculation, so you can draw your own conclusions. ”

The area will be, in spite of the E6-highway location, an expansion of the urban area and get an injection of 400 apartments. There are three main contractors in the area – C4, Kristianstad Municipality and Trafikverket.

“The local plan is tightly controlled, but we have a number of drafts on the design of the shopping centre as we’ve worked hard on the planning application.

What type of retailers do you hope to attract?

“It’s not really my spot. But the ownership structure behind C4 with Pär and Paul Frankenius (fashion investor), Ronny Larsson (TeamSportia) and Richard Bengtsson (ICA Maxi) do have a background in fashion, sports and groceries and an incredibly large network. We also work with Ågren consulting from Gothenburg.

“But we will be working with new and old chains in fashion, shoes, and sports. You’ll get a pretty good idea of it if you look at similar projects.”

How do you work with the café and restaurant sections?

”The customer experience and intimate feeling in the area is extremely important. There are some very clear ideas about it”, says Per Persson who do not want to tell too much in the current situation – but admits that there is a food court in the discussions.