Campaigns gave Finnish opticians sales a boost

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Despite the tough conditions in Finnish retail, smart market moves can make a change.

The opticians retail industry in Finland increased their sales during the first half of 2015 by almost five percent (4.7%) compared with the previous year’s figures.

”We have a slower growth rate in the first quarter of this year, but given the general economic situation we should be happy that the stores still go so well,” managing director of the Finnish optical industry Panu Tast says.

According to fresh GFK-numbers, the trading volume represents a 13.5 percent increase since last year.

CEO of Synsam Finland, Vesa Mars, is satisfied with the positive development of the optics industry.

”The increasing trade volume was due to the optician chains’ increasing campaigns. Consumers have also received eyeglasses at a lower cost, as average prices fell by more than two percent,” says Vesa Mars.

Contact lens sales grew measured in both turnover (6.2%) and volume (+ 6.5%).

Also, the sales volume of quality sunglasses increased by 11.9 percent in the first half, resulting in a  net sales growth of 15.6 percent.

The largest market share for the second quarter amounted to by 36.4% Instru optiikka, followed by Silmäasema (24.5%) and Specsavers (12.5%). Fenno Optics accounted for 7.4% and Synsam 5.8% Other chains, individual optical outlets and online sales accounted for 13.3%.

Silmäasema increased its market share most (1.1%).