Cdon welcomes Amazon to Sweden

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Cdon group welcomes Amazon to Sweden.
” They get consumers to shop more online,” says CEO Paul Fischbein .

Analysts have argued that Amazon’s entrance into Sweden would be a problem for, considered to be Scandinavia’s own version on Amazon.
But in an interview with SIX News says CEO Paul Fischbein that there are, on the contrary, many advantages having such a strong competitor and suggest that e- commerce represents 12-13 per cent of the retail market in the U.S. and UK, against 5-6 per cent in Sweden .

“Maybe the reason that they are far ahead in these countries is that they have had companies like Amazon that have driven change in consumer behavior in buying more online. The fact that a company like Amazon is coming to Sweden does not need be entirely a bad thing”, he says.
“About 94 percent of retail sales are still made in physical stores, there is still a huge market to fight for and e- commerce growth does not slow down, it’s the opposite. ”
Cdon group is now focused on its expansion strategy. This after a number of concerns with stock , accounting, organization and nyemmision .
2017, revenues are targeted to have doubled, to nine billion SEK. And Cdon will be a full-range department store on the internet.
” We have in the last year conducted fairly extensive organizational reinforcements on all levels, especially in top management. We have a new president on and Tretti, new CEO of Nelly , new CFO… We have made many changes since I came in just over two years ago and now we feel that the consolidation phase that we went through is completed successfully ” says Fischbein to SIX News .
Paul Fischbein also faced criticism that he does not divide the company and let Nelly and Gymgrossisten form separate companies. He points out that companies are best dealt with in the current corporate structure and states that currently there are no plans at all to split the group.