Center Syd ready to be relaunched

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Center Syd in Kävlinge in northwest Skåne county is about to go reach its goal with the 300 million investment.
Next week opens the market place with a new name, Galleria Center Syd and new retail and food concepts.

The retail market place Center Syd is located in Löddeköpinge just off the E6 between Malmö and Helsingborg. Overall it is an area of ​​240 000 square meters with about 200 companies, which annually attracts over 4 million visitors.

The part that is now changing its name to Galleria Center South opened in 1991 and today offers over 60 stores in two buildings totaling 30,500 square meters and some 3 million visitors annually.

The area has lost ground in recent years and nearly a million visitors and was named as one of the big losers in the high rate of retail establishment in Skåne. Several evaluations have been made in the area, including launching a Quality Outlet in an adjacent house.

But there is 700,000 people living within a 20 minute radius.

With six new food concepts, 9000 square meters added – an integrated Ica Maxi and new establishments such as H & M Home, Clas Ohlson and fashion concepts Joy and Flash and a large playground the centre wants to win back its core customers: families with children.

Construction signs have had the word “Here is the region’s most family-friendly shopping center under development”.

Centre manager Magnus Gibhardt has told several media about the development.

“Center Syd was a bit iffy. We have changed the name to distinguish that the shopping center portion now been extended to about 40 000 square meters, “he told Dagens Handel.
He calls it a comeback for the market place.

“We’ve got a chance to show that Syd is a shopping center to rely on. We must be both a competitor and a complement to Nova, Väla and Emporia. We will become a real contender, “says Magnus Gibhardt to Lokalnytt.

He says that owner Cornerstone has worked much with the expression and experience in everything from the choice of materials, lighting, restrooms and food supply in the new food court.

“It is perhaps not as a market hall but pretty close. The environment will be much, much better than before. People will sit right in the heart of the centre with good natural light. Finally, we will enter the game again. Although there have been a couple of months with dust all look forward. We have not done anything mediocre. We have gone all in, ” says Magnus Gibhardt.