CEO-switch in Coop properties

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Bernt-Olof Gustavsson will leave the CEO position at Coop Fastigheter, but continues as an advisor.
New CEO, Helena Liljedahl, is recruited from the subsidiary Coop Butiksfastigheter.

With the new strategy of KF, the property company Coop Fastigheter has divested large properties such as Bromma Blocks.

KF now announces that in line with the streamlining process begun in 2013 by KF Group, a review of Coop Real Estate is to be done. With this, Helena Liljedahl is appointed as new CEO of Coop Fastigheter.

Helena Liljedahl succeeds Bernt-Olof Gustavsson, who is resigning but will remain as an advisor to Coop’s Real Estate business.

”It has been intense, educational and enjoyable years with fantastic employees at Coop Fastigheter. But before the upcoming revision and future changes I have decided to hand over the chair,” says Bernt-Olof Gustavsson.

”Bernt-Olof Gustavsson has made great efforts as President of the Coop Fastigheter. Together with his colleagues, he has over the years created significant values ​​to KF Group,” says Tommy Ohlström, president of the Cooperative Union, KF.

Helena Liljedahl has previously served as President of Coop Butiksfastigheter and was recruited by Bernt-Olof Gustavsson.

”It will be exciting to lead Coop Fastigheter entering a new phase. Regarding the plan for the disposal of the property portfolio so it will remain as before. Our priority is to make wise and value-added business in a structured process, says Helena Liljedahl