CEO to leave Gudrun Sjöden

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Christina Tillman resigns as President of interior design and fashion company Gudrun Sjödén after just over a year on the position.

”As I see it, there can only be one CEO of a company,” says Christina Tillman to Habit.

She took office as February 1, 2015. Now Christina Tillman leaves the CEO position for Gudrun Sjödén at the end of February.

”I and Gudrun Sjödén, which owns the company to one hundred percent and is Chairman of the Board, do not share the view of leadership and how a future organization should look like.” Christina Tillman tells Habit.

”It is also a challenge to work with a founder who is operational in the company and then the lines between the Board and the CEO is important. As I see it, there can only be one CEO of a company and the assignment must be clear and peformed closely with the Board and Chairman.”

Christina Tillman is most known for her work as CEO of Odd Molly for seven years.