Change of family representative in Clas Ohlson Board

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It is time for a generation shift in Clas Ohlson as the heir Mathias Haid is suggested to replace his father Björn Haid in the Board.

Also Ahlsell-CEO Göran Näsholm is proposed as a new member of the Board.

The Clas Ohlson Nomination Committee today announced its proposal for the Board of Directors’ composition. It proposes re-election of the Board members Klas Balkow, Kenneth Bengtsson, Sanna Suvanto-Harsaae, Cecilia Marlow, Katarina Sjögren Petrini and Göran Sundström.

The Nomination Committee also proposes that Göran Näsholm and Mathias Haid be elected as new Board members and that Kenneth Bengtsson to be re-elected Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Mary Haid, born in 1919, was is the oldest child of Clas Ohlson and inherited his shares when he passed away in 1979. His brother Tore Ohlson took over as CEO after Clas, but died four years later.
Tore Ohlson’s granddaughter, Helena Ek Tidstrand and Johan Tidstrand, are also major shareholders of Clas Ohlson

Mary Haid’s son Björn Haid has now explained that, after 25 years as a Member of the Board, he will not be standing for re-election. Also, Edgar Rosenberger has announced that after six years as a Member of the Board, he will not be standing for re-election.

The new family representative, Mathias Haid, born 1970, is captain at Lufthansa and has had a number of leading positions within Lufthansa 1998-2015. Mathias Haid was a Member of the Board of Clas Ohlson AS and Clas Ohlson Oy 2002-2005.

The families Haid and Tidstrand get together twice  a year to discuss Clas Ohlson business. Mathias Haid used to personally fly his father Björn from Austria to the Clas Ohlson meetings, he told in an interview last year.

Göran Näsholm, born 1955, is the CEO of Ahlsell AB since 1999. Göran Näsholm has previously been the vice President of Ahlsell AB, been division manager within Ahlsell AB, been the managing director of Jirva AB, purchasing director of Calor Celsius AB and had a number of purchasing positions within the Alfa Laval Group.

The Annual General Meeting is on Saturday 12 September 2015.