Citycon’s strategy: The future is Nordic

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”This nice region is a bit forgotten. Tell that to the people in London”

That is the message from Citycon CEO Marcel Kokkeel being a major player also in Norway with 21 new shopping centres.

And Citycon owner Gazit-Globe speaks of the possibilities of a full Nordic market, including Denmark.

At Tuesday’s press conference, the new owners of the Norwegian runner up among shopping centre owners, Sektor, painted a European future with a Nordic base.

”We’re going to build European scale but with a Nordic heartbeat,” Marcel Kokkeel stated. The same thing was written behind him.

He pointed out that the Nordic region has 30 percent less brand companies compared to the European average. This despite that Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki are all fast growers.

”We like to tell that to the people in London.”

The acquisition of Sektor Gruppen was yesterday considered ”a perfect match” and at the press conference Marcel Kokkeel went a bit deeper explaining it with a full pan-Nordic offering, the urban focus on Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger and the grocery store establishments at Sektor’s shopping centres.

”We have similar styles. It tics all the boxes. It’s a logic combination and this could have happened before”, he said.

Citycon has 21 shopping centres in Finland, 10 in Sverige, 3 in Estonia and currently one in Denmark. But Chairman of major Citycon-owner Gazit-Globe, Chaim Katzman, talked about a full Nordic perspective where he counts all countries

”With 25 million people, it’s the size of Canada where we have 200 shopping centres. If an actor wants to go to the Nordic region, we can now offer a one stop shopping,” he said.

Sektor has an annual footfall of 60 million visitors to be added to Citycon’s 150 million today.

These are Sektor’s shopping centres that is now switching owner:

Bryn senter, Oslo

Buskerud storsenter, Drammen

City Syd, Trondheim
Downtown, Porsgrunn
Glasshuspassasjen, Bodø
Halden storsenter, Halden
Heiane storsenter, Stord
Herkules, Skien
Holmen senter, Asker
Kilden kjøpesenter, Stavanger
Kolbotn torg, Oppegård
Kongssenteret, Kongsvinger
Kongssenteret vest, Kongsvinger
Kremmertorget, Elverum
Kuben, Hønsefoss
Lade, Trondheim
Liertoppen, Lier
Lietorvet, Skien
Linderud senter, Oslo
Magasinet, Drammen
Markedet, Haugesund
NAF-Huset, Oslo
Oasen kjøpesenter, Bergen
Solsiden, Trondheim
Sjøsiden, Horten
Stadionparken, Stavanger
Stopp Tune, Sarpsborg
Storbyen, Sarpsborg
Stovner senter, Oslo
Strandtorget, Lillehammer
Tiller torget, Trondheim
Torget vest, Drammen
Torvbyen, Fredrikstad
Trekanten senter, Asker