Clas Ohlson starts ink and toner recycling campaign

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Clas Ohlson has begun a campaign to encourage the reuse of empty printer ink and toner cartridges. This initiative is a part of Clas Ohlson’s commitment to sustainability, where environmental issues are high on the agenda.

Each returned cartridge results in a 10-20 SEK refund to the customer.

According to Clas Ohlson, who sells over a million toner and ink cartridges every year, only about 15 percent of the toner and ink cartridges are reused. Now the chain is encouraging their customers to return their used toner and ink cartridges to the store for recycling.

”The goal is that all toner and ink cartridges which leave the store will be refilled and resold at least once before being recycled.”

Clas Ohlson also offers Club members 10 Swedish krona per returned ink cartridge and 20 Swedish krona per toner cartridge as an extra incentive to get people to return even more products.

“At Clas Ohlson we have sold ink cartridges and toner cartridges for many years and furthermore in very large quantities. Involving our stores in our drive to promote the reuse of these products is completely in line with our policy not only to ensure a sustainable handling of the products we sell, but also to help our customers to make more sustainable choices. This initiative is yet another example of how we are embracing our “fix it, don’t bin it” approach at Clas Ohlson”, says Åsa Portnoff Sundström, Head of Sustainability at Clas Ohlson.