Club Xprs to open first unit at new retail park in Barkarby

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The new clothing chain Club Xprs, with Gina Tricot-profile Victor Appelqvist as founder, has signed its first store location.
It will be in the Flottiljen retail park in Järfälla’s new neighborhood Barkarbystaden in northwestern Stockholm.
The opening takes place in March next year.

Barkarbystaden will get 18,000 new homes and 10,000 new jobs. The Flottiljen big box shopping concept is owned and developed by ICA Fastigheter and will provide retail, restaurants, healthcare, fitness and service to visitors and residents. It is adjacent to the large Barkarby retail trading area.

Club xprs announced its initiative a few weeks ago as a national investment in stores with an outlet within fashion.

“We now look forward with excitement to the spring in Barkarby, Stockholm. We are very pleased with our choice of Barkarby and in particular with the ICA Fastigheter commerce in Barkarbystaden, where in March we will open the first unit for CLUB XPRS, “said CEO Victor Appelqvist, who is the former marketing and establishment manager and son of the founder of Gina Tricot.

“At 1,800 square meters, we will create Sweden’s most modern retail, and it is very exciting.”
“The combination of consumer offering ICA Fastigheter puts together in their venues perfect fit for us,” says Victor Appelqvist

Flottiljen is an example where homes, shops and services make up a small trading blocks. Now the neighborhood is supplemented with another clothing store.

“We are both pleased and proud that Club Xprs chose to open its first store in Flottiljen. It is an exciting and inspiring concept that complements and strengthens the place in a very good way, “says Annika Schoenefeld, hiring manager, ICA Real Estate Sweden.

The shop opens March 24, 2016.