Cockroach-problem at Kamppi mall

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Kamppi shopping center in Helsinki’s city center have unwanted visitors.
Cockroaches has been found in background areas of fashion stores.

Shopping Centre Manager Heli Vainio tells Iltalehti that two species of the bug has been found, German and Brown Banded Cockroach.
But he haven’t heard of any customers noticing them.
“They have probably entered inside a product delivery.”
Both species have been found in Finland before. The german is the most common.
Vainio does not want to tell the paper which clothing shop the roaches were found in.
“They could have come to another store somewhere and moved to another store, where they were then discovered.”
He can not determine exactly when Kamppi can get rid of cockroaches.
“It’s hard to predict, as the eggs may take several weeks for them to hatch.”
An expert also tells Iltalehti that this hot summer is very kind to cockroaches.