Construction chaos before the opening of Mall of Scandinavia

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The bigger mall – the bigger chaos before opening.

At least six stores and restaurants won’t be able to open at the inauguration of Mall of Scandinavia tonight. Among them are H&M.

Now the Inditex-stores electric installation work will be reported to the police. writes that after a safety inspection, concerns were raised about one of the many power companies on the spot that was not competent to perform electrical installations in Sweden, working in the Zara-store.  The Electricians union notified the Electrical Safety Authority.

Cia Edlund, communications manager at the Electrical Safety Authority, says at present they do not know if Inditex carried out work without proper permission.

”It must therefore first be reported to the police,” she says to

Around 220 tenants are today in the process of finalizing shops and restaurants, but there are many shortcomings in the building. Exits are blocked, carrying out work on unsecured scaffolding and despite a great need for protection work has safety representatives disappeared from the workplace.

”Those who have disappeared have been those who have dared to speak up,” says another source to SvD.


”My assessment is that the work environment is neglected, says

Nils Thorsell, regional safety at Elektrikerna, says that much work has been done to the working environment, but the work environment is neglected. He also believes that the work will continue for a long time.

”We have heard that a portion of the work will be done after the mall closes to the public,” he says.

Six to seven tenants won’t open tonight. Among them are H&M who states they want to secure the quality of the store instead.

”One of the restaurants have their decor stuck in Russia and a couple of smaller shops won’t make it in time. We have  full respect that H & M need a little more time, but this does not affect the grand opening on Thursday. But the H&M-premises will not look like a construction site on Thursday, said Unibail-Rodamco’s Nordic Manager Lars-Åke Tollemark to Market last week.