Coop Bygg to be rebranded to Bolist

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15 of Coop Bygg’s 17 stores in Sweden will join the buildingware chain Bolist after year-end.

The rebranding begins in mid-January.


In September, Bolist confirmed that the 15 Coop Bygg run by Coop Norrbotten, Coop Nord, Coop Mitt, Konsum Värmland and Coop Väst applied for membership.

”They have  been granted membership,” says Tomas Fritzon, CEO of Bolist to Icanyheter Update.

The rebranding will start in the northern parts. In April, all stores will have changed signs.

The two stores operated by Coop Sweden’s subsidiary Coop Butiker och stormarknader  in Enköping and Västerås,is not included. The Enköping branch will be closed.

Bolist has 194 Swedish stores with independent merchants today.