Coop to close 20 supermarkets

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Coop Denmark will close 20 supermarkets in the near future.
Most of them belong to the Fakta-chain.

According to Coop’s communications director Jens Juul Nielsen the stores have deficits and nothing suggests that the development should turn.

Some of the employees will be offered jobs in other Coop stores, but many younger employees will not get that opportunity. In addition, a general review of Coop stores are on the desk which further limits the ability to save jobs.

“There are many stores that close now, recently some Kiwi stores in Jutland. There will be fewer jobs to choose from, “says Anne-Marie Brand, HK Trade, to

13 of the 20 stores belong to the Fakta chain, which is no coincidence.
“We are working to optimize Fakta stores. It is no secret that they had deficits in both 2013 and 2014. Now we relaunch the chain and therefore go through all the shops, “says communications director Jens Juul Nielsen.
The remaining stores to be closed are four LokalBrugsen, a Dagligrugsen and the Irma stores in Skovlunde center and Amager Landevej.