Coop Denmark signs large local food agreement

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Gourmet Bornholm – part of Regional Culinary Heritage (GBRM) is an association of more than 50 food producers on the Danish island Bornholm. Now Denmark’s largest partner agreement about local products has just been signed between  GBRM and Coop, which operates 1,200 stores in the chains Kvickly, Super, Dagli’Brugsen, Fakta and Irma.

Coop has earlier this year signed a number of new partnership agreements.

The agreement means that the Bornholm manufacturers will be able to get their products into the Coop stores throughout Denmark. In addition, the Bornholm producers in cooperation with Coop will develop new products in the coming years.

“In Coop’s strategy Together for better food, we have set ambitious targets to come up with many new exciting products, we especially focus on local products. Here we see Bornholm as a beacon, and we are therefore pleased that we have reached this agreement with GBRM which we expect to more than double sales of Bornholm products in the coming years,” says food director Jens Visholm, Coop.

The ambition is that at least 25 new Bornholm items to be sold in at least 100 of Coop stores outside Bornholm

“We are both excited about the agreement and full of expectations for the future cooperation with Coop. It is not only good news for our association and producers in the network – it is also excellent news for Bornholm in general and food industry in particular, and in line with the strategy of our partnership with Bornholm Agriculture and Regional Municipality of Bornholm” says President of GBRM, Jens Borup Pedersen.