Coop-president resigns for international top job

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Michael Løve, Group CEO of Coop with the ultimate responsibility for the chains Kvickly, Dagli’Brugsen, Fakta and Irma -moves on to a position as a director of an international retail business and will thereby leave Coop Denmark at the end of August.

”I’ve got a unique opportunity to realize a dream to try out abroad and get to experience it with my family, “says Michael Løve.

According to media sources, his new job is at Kingfisher.

Managing director Peter Høgsted will temporarily take over temporarily Michael Løve’s responsibilities.

“I am sorry that we have to say goodbye to Michael because we have had an excellent working relationship over the past year and a half, and all the chains are in a very positive development. But I am also proud that Coop – again – has delivered a top executive of a large company, “says Managing Director Peter Høgsted.

Michael Løve came into tCoop’s Executive Board in 2014. Before that, he was chain director of the group’s largest chain SuperBrugsen. He came to Coop as a newly graduated engineer in 2001, and after a series of jobs as logistics director. From there he was Director of Operations in Copenhagen Airports in 2009 before he returned to Coop in 2011 as a chain director and oversaw the restoration of SuperBrugsen.

“I have been exceptionally pleased with my years in Coop,”says Michael Løve.

His last working day at Coop will be June 26. What company that is involved, will be published next week, according to Coop Denmark. But Børsen writes that his new employer will be Kingfisher, a company that Peter Høgsted previously worked for.