Coop signs big deal for mobile payments

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From the autumn it will be possible for all customers to pay with their mobile phone when shopping in 1,200 stores in Kvickly, Super, Dagli’Brugsen, Fakta and Irma.

It is the result of an agreement recently signed between Coop and Nets.

The agreement means that Coop immediately will accept the Dancard online payment using cellphone and that Nets begin upgrading all 5000 payment terminals in the chains so that they can accept mobile payments from all types of smartphones.

“It is a forward-looking agreement concluded. It will make it easier for our customers to shop in our stores. At the same time, we can prepare for the next step, where we will combine the phone with the membership of the Coop, ” says CEO Jan Madsen, Coop.

Nets solution for payment terminals applies to smartphones with an active NFC function, and other smart phones that can be used to pay mobile for example using Bluetooth.