Coop to close hypermarket for smaller unit

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Coop will close its hypermarket-store in Falkenberg,
Instead, a new and much smaller unit will open in 2018.

Petra Wahlström, establishment manager at Coop, told Hallands Nyheter that Falkenberg has evolved since Coop’s establishment in Klockaregatan and that one must follow the market just like other players.

“A rational supermarket will be where there are high flows,” Petra Wahlström told the newspaper.
The ambition is that the new store will open in autumn 2018 at Söderbro center.

Until then, Coop has contract at the current premises of the plant on Klockaregatan owned by real estate company CBRE.
Coop today lets part of the property to the Bygg-Max.
”It works well in the current situation. How they reason from the turn of the year 2018-1019 is not known to us. It is a matter between CBRE and Bygg-Max,” says Petra Wahlström.

She says that the retail space is too big today. The new store will be about one-third as large as the Coop Forum today. Coop recently communicated the chain concepts Forum and Extra was to be abandoned.

There remains some municipal planning. Today, a warehouse belonging to Lantmännen stands at the new location. One should look at how pedestrian and bicycle traffic will be resolved, the parking issue and in addition, the soil will be examined to see if it is affected by pollution.