Coop to double sales of organic food in two weeks

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Coop Danmark is working hard to double the sales of organic food before 2020. Now t’s going to try to do it in two weeks. All1,200 stores are participating and some of them will completely remove non-organic food from the shelves with milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables.

SuperBrugsen Nørrebrogade, which is the shop in Denmark with the highest turnover of organic products expects to sell extra with special promotional offers. Nørrebro already has a large share of consumers who prefer organic food. Irma at Torvegade, Christianshavn, is according to Coop the supermarket in the world, with the largest share of organic sales – currently 35 percent. It now wants to reach 70 percent by offering customers a 50 percent discount. Kvickly-chain will invest heavily in the campaign leaves and tasting.

The experiment and sales development can be followed on-line.