Coop to set new innovation standard with Copenhagen Central station store

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Coop will soon open a new type of store, dubbed Mad Cooperativet located at Copenhagen Central Station in a former Sports Bar.

”It will be something you have not seen before in Denmark,” says Coop Denmark director Kræn Østergaard Nielsen.

The launch is set to next Wednesday when Coop has announced press talks about 2014- report and the new concept – as the session takes place in the business premises and will open next morning to the general public.

“It will be something completely new with elements of future stores, and it is not only a convenience store. It will be something you’ve not seen before in Denmark. Some of it has looked abroad, “says retail development and property director Kræn Østergaard Nielsen to Berlingske Business.

Half a years ago Coop opened the Irma flagship store in the Axelborg complex at the West Gate Station. But the new concept is only partly similar according to Berlingske referring to the ads for employees saying “The store will set new standards for innovation in food stores in Denmark – and will probably become the country’s most high-profile food shop” and  the quote “we want to show the best across our chains,” by Kræn Østergaard Nielsen.

Coop Sweden has with great success opened a store at Stockholm Central Station without any of the usual supermarket concept labels. It has a different range and primarily self service on check out.

The store will be open from pm. 6 am to pm. 22 in the evening.