Coop to sharpen branding in all chains

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Denmark’s largest company has contracted agencies Robert/Boisen & Like-minded and RelationshusetGekko, to remodel its corporate branding, member program of the 1.5 million members and marketing of the Group’s own brands, Änglamark, Smag Forskellen and C.

“We will in the near future sharpen our branding of Coop across all our five chains, to promote our food-manifest, Together for Better Food, which is about developing food culture in Denmark,” says Group Marketing Carina Neergaard responsible for corporate branding in Coop.

Cooperation is concluded for a period of three years, and the first projects are already under development and will be experienced over the coming months. The two agencies won by a pitch between 5 agencies and consortia.

“Coop wants with their new manifesto to inspire Danes to better dining experiences and do it in a way that we are all talking about it. To be able to work with one of Denmark’s biggest brands with such great ambitions, Coop makes a dream customer for us, “says Søren Christensen, partner in Robert / Boisen & Like-minded.

Jan Køhler, partner in Gekko adds: “We are currently experiencing a paradigm shift in the industry where the future is going to be about more integrated communications and more relevant customer experiences. With Coop’s nearly 700,000 followers on the social media, 1.5 million members and a daily exposure in their stores across 40 percent of Danes, they have also a perfect platform for communication with customers. “