Coop wins bonus program test

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Coop’s bonusprogram is the most beneficial among Swedish food chains.

This according to a research that Testfakta has made – on Coops behalf.

Testfakta Research was commissioned by Coop to go through Swedish food chains different client programs and what City Gross, Coop, Hemköp, Ica, Lidl, Netto and Willys has to offer its customers.
All the major supermarket chains have some form of customer programs with offers to loyal customers, both for discounts and various forms of bonuses.

Lidl and Netto have no customer programs. City Gross’ and Willys’ customer program focuses on discounts and offers but give no bonus on what you are shopping for. Ica, Coop and Hemköp attracts its customers with both discounts and bonuses.

The only thing possible to compare are according to Testfakta the customer programs bonuses that can then be used for payment in the stores where discounts and offers from the various food chains varies over time and depends on where you live and what you are.

If you choose to pay in cash or with your regular bank card the Coop and Hemköp program appears quite similar. If consumers choose to pay by debit card, linked to the various programs, Coop’s member card gives most bonus no matter how much you spend.

Studies show that nearly 20 percent of all bonus checks never exchange. Here are Coop alone to register the voucher directly on the membership card, notes Testfakta.

See full test here.