Dagrofa sends back 1.5 million to the producers

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Dagrofa campaign “Choose Danish – you buy, we give”, has sent more than 1.5 million DKK back to producers in Danish agriculture.

Since September 2015, Dagrofa sent 50 are to Danish producers, every time consumers have bought “You buy – we give ‘products in the Group’s stores. The campaign was launched to support the Danish quality food and promoting the supply and development of Danish farmers and producers.

In total, more than 40 products through the period, were visibly marked with “Choose Danish ” logo.”

” We wanted to send a clear signal that we fully back the Danish producers by sending money back to them when the products have been sold. We hoped to be able to send about 1.5 million back, and now that we have made up the campaign, we can conclude that we have reached the goal. So we can look back on a good campaign, as consumers have backed up ” says Per Thau, CEO of Dagrofa, and continues:
” We know that we do not save the Danish agriculture with our contribution, but we have the campaign focused on the good Danish goods we sell in our stores. ”

The labeled products have been Danish quality products in the meat, dairy products and fruit and vegetables. For consumers, the price of goods remained unchanged, since the repayment is financed exclusively by Dagrofa.